The Goal:

1. Establish Pandit Yagya Centers in Auspicious Areas :
·  1331 Maharishi Pandits at Pashupatinath
·  1331 Maharishi Pandits at Janakpur, birthplace of Lord Sita Devi
·  1331 Maharishi Pandits in Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha

2. Establish Maharishi Vedic University :
· 3300 Maharishi Pandits at Brahmasthan Campus in Nawalparasi
-Timeframe — Add 500 Pandits/year — Complete by 2022

3. Maharishi Vedic Institutes — Regional Pandit campuses with 550 Vedic Pandits in each location :
1. Far West
2. Mid West
3. West
4. Central
5. East
-Cost will be $250/mo./Pandit x 550 Pandits = $137,500/mo./location
-Timeframe — complete by 2020  

4. Establish Maharishi Vedic Pandit Training in 400 Gurukuls (from existing 500); performing Rudrabhishek Yagya and TM-Sidhis programme each day.
· Cost will be $800/month/Gurukul, averaging 50 Vedic Pandits in each school
· Timeframe — Add 50 Gurukuls/year and complete by 2020

Nepal’s Pandit Training will re-establish the ideal of Vedic Education in Nepal, The Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture (NMFVC) has outlined the following action steps and timeline. These programs will help create the necessary coherence to establish Nepal as an ideal society and to radiate the wisdom of Maharishi Vedic Science which will uplift all of humanity throughout the world.

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PO Box 8821, Kathmandu

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