Mr. Deepak Baskota Chairman

The Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture—NMFVC was founded in 2012 to preserve a very unique and timeless cultural tradition, the Vedic Tradition, a living oral tradition thousands of years old. The Vedic Tradition is maintained through Vedic Recitations and the Vedic Performances (Yagyas) as performed by the Vedic Pandits. These Vedic performances in Nepal and India are recognized by UNESCO as a significant part of the world’s cultural inheritance.  UNESCO has proclaimed the tradition of Vedic recitation as “a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity”.

NMFVC is a nonprofit educational charitable organization. 
Mr. Deepak Baskota is the Chairman of the Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture.
For more details: http://www.maharishifoundation.org.np

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