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Earthquake Relief Project
For support in all 5 areas of NMVF Action Plan* (see below)

Maharishi Vedic Pandit programme in Nepal
US$250 per month can sponsor a Vedic Pandit

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation organization
Teaching the Transcendental Meditation™ technique in Nepal

Nepal Global Mother Divine Organization
Programmes for ladies and girls

* Our plan now at Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation (NMVF), is in five areas:
1. Teach the TM-Sidhis program to the 1500 students who have already learned TM and are ready to become Sidhas.
2. Inspire the city planners and engineers, who are tasked with managing the rebuilding in Kathmandu and the villages of the countryside, to rebuild the whole city and nation according to Maharishi Vastu Vidya, as well as according to the most advanced principles of sustainability and earthquake resistance. Dr. Eike Hartmann and Wojtek Skalski will be making a presentation in the very near future to top officials of the Nepal government on Vastu City Planning and the Vastu shield effect.
3. Train additional teachers of TM to help bring relief to people traumatized by the earthquake.
4. Raise funds to immediately construct Maharishi Vastu campuses on Maharishi Vastu-approved sites located in 4 regions of Nepal, from which coherence can radiate to all corners of the nation.
5. Expand Raja John Fagan’s program, the Healing Herbs Nepal project, which is creating new jobs for Nepal’s villagers, producing organic and Maharishi Vedic Organic medicinal herbs to improve health around the world, and protecting biodiversity of Nepal’s indigenous medicinal herbs. At its current scale, Healing Herbs Nepal will create at least 25,000 new practitioners of the TM program. By expanding this project by 10 fold, and by implementing the other projects that we have planned across the nation of Nepal, we can profoundly stabilize the collective consciousness of the nation.

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